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Sister Hazel Rocks and Races to Fight Cancer

June 5th, 2017 Posted by news 0 comments on “Sister Hazel Rocks and Races to Fight Cancer”

WCIV – ABC News 4 – Charleston – by Scott Eisberg – Saturday, June 3rd 2017

It’s been a heck of a run for the popular rock band Sister Hazel.
This weekend not only do they play their annual “Hazelnut Hang” at the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms but these rockstars on the move hit a major milestone that has nothing to do with music.
With their signature sound, their popularity is enduring and their longevity, impressive.
“I think that’s why we are able to stay a band,” explained bassist Jett Beres. “Keep it fun and fresh – it’s never felt like a job. The same guys are together, enjoying the company, enjoying writing and making music.”
Since their college days in the early 90’s, Charleston’s been a favorite touring stop.
Now a 12-year tradition, The Hazelnut Hang is fan interaction during the day and music through the night but these guys aren’t college kids anymore.
“We are getting up there in age,” said Beres. “It’s important that we take that into account. Aa few years ago we started doing a 5K here for our charity- A Run Down The Beach.”
And that got the proverbial wheels turning in their heads. They set their sights on a race called the Keys 100, a 100 mile relay race from Key Largo to Key West.
“It was scary – scarier for some of us than others,” said Beres. “The only one that had experience was our drummer Mark. We all were starting from ground zero. We had eight months to train and mentally prepare and like anything in our band- motivation comes from the other guys”
A staple on the road for any band is the tour bus but for Sister Hazel, a big piece of training for this test was ditching that bus.
“That was the hardest- waking up on tour bus at 5 a.m. and putting on running shoes or getting dropped off five miles outside a venue on the way into town and running to the venue,” said Beres. “Making it work with everything else on the road, that was the hardest part.”
Two weeks ago— excuse the obligatory analogy— it was showtime.
“Knowing your teammates or band mates are alongside and pushing to finish, we knew the obligation to finish was shared,” said Beres. “We all did 15-23 miles during day in 16.5 hours- two hours under the expected finish time so we’re very proud.”
All the while, they raised money and awareness for cancer charities.
“At the end of the day, it reaffirms what we do,” said Beres. “It’s always a part of what we do. Our namesake Sister Hazel was a philanthropic person. She gave her whole life to this type of work. We’ve followed her footsteps from the beginning. It allows us to have a purpose outside of music.”
There’s no finish line in sight for these rockers on stage. As for their new found passion…
“The 100 miles for now will suffice,” said Beres. “We’ll see what comes. Making it down to Key West in one piece, that’s enough for us.”

Sister Hazel Reflects On Touring with Allman Brothers Band

May 30th, 2017 Posted by news 0 comments on “Sister Hazel Reflects On Touring with Allman Brothers Band”

The Allman Brothers Band was the first big band to take Sister Hazel out on a national tour. The first shows they ever played with them were 2 sold out shows at Red Rocks in Colorado.

Note From Ken: 

When we first went out on tour with them in 1997 – we were excited for a number of reasons. First and foremost we were HUGE fans of their music. But secondly, they (and there fans) were legendary partiers — and at THAT time we were working on a few legendary tales of our own. It was gonna be a debaucherous blast. But on the very first day of the tour their tough as nails long time tour manager Kirk West set things straight.

First off he gave us all “numbered” all-access laminates. He said we needed to have it on at all times when we were on the venue premises. He said if we were cool – we could keep it to get into an AB shows for life. But, if we abused the privilege in any way – he would cut it into little pieces and just give us a sticker every day… And, if we LOST it he would charge us $100 for another one. If you lost it again – you weren’t getting another one… Period.

The other thing he told us – in no uncertain terms on day one – was that the band was working hard to stay sober – and that he was working hard to KEEP them all sober too. He told us that we could do whatever we wanted on OUR bus – but that we couldn’t take ANYTHING off the bus or in the dressing rooms. Not a drink, not a beer, not a glass of wine, and CERTAINLY nothing else – or we would be thrown off the tour… Not one step outside the bus! We didn’t want to make any waves – so we obliged. We were a little bewildered. But we obliged…

And as you can imagine — We used OUR bus a LOT…

Now – this was a few years before I got sober myself – and one morning when I was particularly foggy brained and achey headed – I stumbled off the bus in Minneapolis and started to make my way into the hotel where we all were holed up. As I was going to my room I caught somebody out of the corner of my eye in the hotel fitness center. Blond hair pulled back, scruffy face, white towel over his shoulder, sweat pants on – and putting one foot in front of the other — trudging away — on the treadmill — was Gregg Allman. For a minute it didn’t compute. But there he was. And he couldn’t have looked more outside of my idea of what it meant to be in the Allman Brothers band if he had been wearing a dress. I’m not 100% sure why – but I was completely stunned at that image. Gregg Moth** Fu***** Allman!!! On a treadmill.. In the MORNING!! While on tour.. Mind Blown.

Today, and at 14 years sober myself – I think about Gregg Allman every single time I step into a less than glamorous hotel fitness room and step on the treadmill. – KB

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