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Sister Hazel Rocks and Races to Fight Cancer

June 5th, 2017 Posted by news 0 comments on “Sister Hazel Rocks and Races to Fight Cancer”

WCIV – ABC News 4 – Charleston – by Scott Eisberg – Saturday, June 3rd 2017

It’s been a heck of a run for the popular rock band Sister Hazel.
This weekend not only do they play their annual “Hazelnut Hang” at the Windjammer on the Isle of Palms but these rockstars on the move hit a major milestone that has nothing to do with music.
With their signature sound, their popularity is enduring and their longevity, impressive.
“I think that’s why we are able to stay a band,” explained bassist Jett Beres. “Keep it fun and fresh – it’s never felt like a job. The same guys are together, enjoying the company, enjoying writing and making music.”
Since their college days in the early 90’s, Charleston’s been a favorite touring stop.
Now a 12-year tradition, The Hazelnut Hang is fan interaction during the day and music through the night but these guys aren’t college kids anymore.
“We are getting up there in age,” said Beres. “It’s important that we take that into account. Aa few years ago we started doing a 5K here for our charity- A Run Down The Beach.”
And that got the proverbial wheels turning in their heads. They set their sights on a race called the Keys 100, a 100 mile relay race from Key Largo to Key West.
“It was scary – scarier for some of us than others,” said Beres. “The only one that had experience was our drummer Mark. We all were starting from ground zero. We had eight months to train and mentally prepare and like anything in our band- motivation comes from the other guys”
A staple on the road for any band is the tour bus but for Sister Hazel, a big piece of training for this test was ditching that bus.
“That was the hardest- waking up on tour bus at 5 a.m. and putting on running shoes or getting dropped off five miles outside a venue on the way into town and running to the venue,” said Beres. “Making it work with everything else on the road, that was the hardest part.”
Two weeks ago— excuse the obligatory analogy— it was showtime.
“Knowing your teammates or band mates are alongside and pushing to finish, we knew the obligation to finish was shared,” said Beres. “We all did 15-23 miles during day in 16.5 hours- two hours under the expected finish time so we’re very proud.”
All the while, they raised money and awareness for cancer charities.
“At the end of the day, it reaffirms what we do,” said Beres. “It’s always a part of what we do. Our namesake Sister Hazel was a philanthropic person. She gave her whole life to this type of work. We’ve followed her footsteps from the beginning. It allows us to have a purpose outside of music.”
There’s no finish line in sight for these rockers on stage. As for their new found passion…
“The 100 miles for now will suffice,” said Beres. “We’ll see what comes. Making it down to Key West in one piece, that’s enough for us.”

Sister Hazel to Run 100 Mile Relay Race – KEYS100 Ultramarathon

February 3rd, 2017 Posted by news 0 comments on “Sister Hazel to Run 100 Mile Relay Race – KEYS100 Ultramarathon”

On May 20th, 2017 …. WE WILL RUN FOR 100 MILES … relay style from Key Largo to Key West … over 40 islands…. IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS…

The KEYS100 benefits the Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys – Donate to our team HERE

In the 23 years that Sister Hazel has been a band we’ve experienced countless big adventures together. Long tours, wicked pranks, wild nights, studio jams, busses, planes, trains, vans, festivals, record deals, TV shows, radio shows, Rock Boats, Rock Slopes, and Hazelnut Hangs. Not to mention marriages, parenthood, families, friends, and pets.

We’ve also faced huge challenges along the way. There have been difficult personal issues, countless professional adversities, and huge charitable goals that we desperately wanted to meet.
Throughout it all we’ve overcome each and every thing that has presented itself because we tackled each of them together – like a band of brothers.
This year we have decided to take on a huge challenge that will test us all both physically and mentally. In May of 2017 we will be competing in a 100 mile relay road race called the “Keys100” in the Florida Keys. We will be training hard between now and then to prepare ourselves for this challenge that is unlike anything we have ever done.

Why would we choose to Embark on such a big goal you ask?!

Well, several reasons. One, because we all agree that our health and fitness should be a larger priority in our lives for the sake of our families, for the band, and for ourselves as individuals – and that actions speak louder than words. This seemed like a powerful way to commit to that lifestyle in a larger tangible and accountable way – TOGETHER. Two, we all wanted to take on something that is totally outside of our musical lives and that is totally outside of our comfort zone. For some of us – the idea of this race was WAY out of our comfort zone! Three, we hope that we can inspire other people in the Hazelnut community and beyond to set some big long term goals and know that they can be accomplished with dedication, commitment, and by taking it one step and day at a time. Believe it or not – We are not spring chickens anymore – so if we can do it, YOU can do it. And lastly, we are hoping to raise money for “The Cancer Foundation of the Florida Keys” and bring awareness to our children’s cancer charity “Lyrics For Life” and “Camp Hazelnut”. Camp Hazelnut is a three day weekend hosted by Sister Hazel at Camp Crystal Lake in North Florida. It’s a place where kids and their families who are navigating a challenging cancer diagnosis can have a true summer camp experience and a fun escape from treatment and medical challenges with other awesome kids, the band, and all of the amazing counselors who will be there to ensure that a great time will be had by all!

So there you have it. We are all signed up and fully committed to conquering this challenge. Just like you guys – some of us are further along in our personal fitness than others – and some of us quite literally started from step one. It’s gonna take a lot to be prepared – and yes for some of us it’s a little overwhelming. But we are “ALL IN”!! We’ve started training and we will be keeping everyone up to date on how it’s going, what’s working, what’s not, our small victories and when we trip up along the path. And although we are all in this together and with each other’s support – we are each approaching it in our own way, with our own challenges, and our own training methods – so we will each be reporting on our journey, our thoughts, and our progress along the way. 

Stay tuned to watch the journey to the KEYS100 Ultra-Marathon – Drew, Jett, Ken, Ryan, Mark & Dave – SISTER HAZEL TEAM LYRICS FOR LIFE

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